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About Us - Silvia Mantovani

About Us

MANTOVANI is a leading VIP entertainment agency for industry leaders looking to have access to the most exclusive entertainment in New York City, Ibiza, Formentera, St Barth, Miami. Silvia Mantovani’s extensive experience and knowledge in the nightlife entertainment industry provides the most unique and unforgettable memory.
Mantovani’s goal is to always provide an edgy unique experience for its clients.

Silvia Mantovani

Silvia has been living and dancing all over the world for 15 years from the most popular dance clubs in Ibiza to the most exclusive parties in New York City, Silvia created an agency to share those experiences and access with visitors and locals in New York City.
Silvia is a world traveler and has had many positions as featured dancer, performer, art director and VIP manager of the biggest events in Europe.
Her years of experience in the nightlife industry around the world has provided her with the most exclusive connections and knowledge that opens doors in New York City.


Mantovani Agency’s vision is to provide unique luxury concierge services to business people and locals in New York City seeking the best in VIP entertainment.
The agency is highly influenced by Silvia Mantovani’s experiences and connections in New York City. This makes the difference when selecting an agency to provide the best possible evening.
The agency always mixes the finest experience with a touch of the unknown that is off limits to most people.
Mantovani Agency positions itself as the most effective tool for business people and visitors who do not have the time or the connections to manage their bookings for restaurants, clubs, sporting events and private parties.
New York City is within the top 5 cities around the world to do business and provide entertainment. People from all over the world come to the city to close business deals, conferences and to enjoy the fun side.
New York City has more than 20,000 restaurants and 10,000 venues for nightlife entertainment including a variety of nightclubs, bars, concert venues, rooftop bars, and many nightlife spots not accessible to the public.
This makes time one of the most valuable assets when planning an evening or a week in New York City. Mantovani Agency handles all your plans and makes the reservations and opens the doors for you. The ultimate goal is that you as our client can focus on your clients while we guarantee an amazing night full of VIP experiences and memories.